Fire Services

Emergency Services

Grant County Fire District 3 serves residents and businesses in the City of Quincy through a contract for emergency services. The City of Quincy and Grant County Fire District 3 signed a new seven-year contract for emergency services in November 2014 that will expire in 2022. Its main station is in Quincy at 1201 Central Avenue South.


The services provided under this contract are:

  • Emergency Medical Service (EMS) - Basic Life Support
  • Fire and Life Safety Inspections for Businesses
  • Fire Code Enforcement
  • Fire Prevention
  • Fire Suppression Response
  • Hazardous Material Response
  • New Construction Plan Review
  • Post Fire Investigation
  • Public Education

Fire & Life Safety Services

Grant County Fire District 3 provides fire and life safety services to approximately 16,000 people over 500 square miles in Central Washington, including:

  • Communities of Quincy
  • Crescent Bar
  • George
  • Low Gap
  • Sunland Estates
  • Trinidad
  • Winchester

It responds to an average of 700 emergency calls a year - more than half of which are for EMS. Approximately 80 volunteers and seven career firefighters are available to respond to emergencies throughout the fire district’s service area.

Five Class Rated Service

The City of Quincy is rated a "Class 5" Municipal Fire Protection Rating from the Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau (WSRB). The WSRB provides rating information for the insurance industry in Washington State. It assigns ratings on a scale of Class 1 (the highest) to Class 10 (the lowest) based on the fire protection capabilities in a city or fire district. The lower the rating, the more likely is it for homeowners and businesses to save money on insurance premiums. The City of Quincy improved its rating from a “Class 6” to a “Class 5” in 2010.


Four pieces of fire equipment are owned by the City of Quincy which include:

  • 1 - 95 foot platform ladder truck
  • 1 - Tactical support vehicle
  • 2 - Class A-rated fire engines

Mutual Aid

Grant County Fire District 3 honors mutual aid agreements with all cities and fire districts in Central Washington State. Mutual aid is an agreement among emergency response agencies to lend assistance outside their own service territory. Typically, mutual aid is requested when an emergency response exceeds local resources, such as a multi-alarm or neighboring wildland fire.