Upcoming Park Improvement

Here is a list of some of our upcoming Parks Improvement and Developments that we are working on.  These images are the concept designs of a number of our projects we are working to develop for our community.

The Quincy Q-Plex

qplex video shot

The Quincy Q-Plex is our vision for an indoor Multiuse Sports Facility for our community.  If you have not watched our digital video of the concept of the facility and some other information about the facility.  If you have other ideas, comments, or questions; please contact Russ in the Recreation Dept. at 509-787-3523 ext 9. 

Quincy Q-Plex Website:  QPlex Website

For more information about how we are panning to build and fund both the Q-Plex and a new updated Aquatic Center, you can visit these 2 links from our website concerning the Nov. 7, 2023 Proposition #1 to form the Quincy Valley Regional Parks District.

Election Information on Proposition #1

Prop #1 Common Questions and Answers

New Q-Aquatic Center

Here are a few of the conceptual renderings of a new and updated Aquatics Facility.  The cost for the build and operation of this facility is also linked to the Proposition #1 vote.  You can read some of the information about the Prop. #1 on the above links.

Concept Drawing 1 - city website Opens in new windowConcept Drawing 2 - city website Opens in new window

Outdoor Sports Fields in South Lauzier Park

As we develop new park properties and other great facilities in our community, we are also looking to update, expand and consolidate some of our outdoor sports fields.  Below is a working drawing of what we are working toward with the property adjacent to our current Lauzier Park.  There are many different aspects to this expansion and development.  There are road projects to extend from our current neighborhoods.  There is piping that will be in place to use our reclaimed water from our City Reuse plant for our irrigation of our parks.

This is a plan to consolidate our softball fields and make it a better complex with lights on the fields.  Also to develop new soccer fields with lights available for evening and off season play as well.

22-000857 LauzierPark_MasterPlanBoard DRAFT Opens in new window

Park Property on the corner of 6th Ave and E St NE

This is our conceptual drawing of our plans to update and add some new features to our park system.  We are panning to build our first community Splash Pad and also add some more play structures, swings, basketball, soccer and we are hoping to add in some skateboard street style elements to the park as well.
23-9-1 Quincy 6th St NE Park Options Opens in new window

Other Updates we are working on for our Parks System

New trail system from Lauzier Park to East Park

Off Leash Dog Park Area

Adding Restrooms to existing Parks