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The Q-Plex is designed to serve as a major hub for the community, supporting virtually any kind of activity – from sports to community gatherings to regional events. This inviting 143,000-square-foot, multi-use facility will be accessible and affordable for community members of all ages. Adjacent to Lauzier Park, this facility also complements other Quincy Parks Master Plan projects like outdoor baseball and soccer fields, community gardens, and Lauzier Park improvements.

The Q-Plex: Quincy Valley Regional Sportsplex

Quincy has a big vision.
This rural community has a need for more indoor recreation facilities to serve residents during the often-oppressive heat of summer and the deep cold of Columbia Basin winters. Increasingly frequent forest fires also create unhealthy outdoor air conditions.

The Q-Plex would provide affordable access to recreational opportunities throughout the entire year to residents of Quincy and the valley. With 143,000 square feet of multi-use indoor space, the Q-Plex could host a variety of activities, be centerfielda hub for the community, and a point of pride. The ambitious, forward-thinking design also provides the added benefit of bringing economic opportunity to a community where many live below the median income. In all of Central Washington, there is not a recreational facility of this size that can be used during all four seasons.

The indoor turf is large enough for a full-sized football field and is surrounded by a track that runners, walkers, and families with strollers can enjoy all year. The green can accommodate four soccer fields, and support basketball, Porchpickleball, and volleyball on the hard courts. A healthy community has long been identified in Quincy's Comprehensive Plan as a key value of the town and this complex supports that. The Q-Plex provides recreational opportunities for all ages.

The lobby and multi-purpose room, with the feeling of a community center, provide a welcoming space to gather for conversation, community classes, and enrichment activities. The Q-Plex can also be used for concerts, conventions, and an indoor market. It will hold over 400 people in chairs with a stage. Some of the indoor spaces also open to outside courtyards for added flexibility.

All images and videos are renderings for visualization purposes. Final design may be different.