Residential Recycling

The City of Quincy uses a single-stream recycling system, which allows for more recyclables to be collected. By recycling, you are helping to reduce the amount of waste that is taken to the landfill.

Residential recycling is collected Tuesdays, on a bi-weekly basis. 

Find your recycle pick up day.


STOP! Is that recyclable? Recyclable items must be EMPTY, CLEAN, and DRY.

Recyclable Items
Non-Recyclable Items
Plastics Bottles w/opening smaller than the base)
Aerosol Cans
Copier and Printer Paper
Plastic Margarine or cool whip tubs
Aluminum Foil
Phone Books
Light Bulbs
Tin Cans (no need to remove labels)
Chip Bags
Aluminum Cans (no need to remove labels)
Pill Bottles
Newspaper & Inserts
Juice Boxes
Flattened Cardboard (dry & unsoiled)
Pizza Boxes
Paperboard (dry & unsoiled)
Food contaminated paper plates and napkins

When in doubt, throw it out!

Recycling Material ad2 Spanish
Recycling Material ad2 Spanish

Drop Off Recycling Center

The City of Quincy recycling center is for city residents only and is located on the corner of Division Street East and Columbia Way. We accept cardboard boxes (must be broken down), aluminum cans and newspapers. Glass is no longer accepted at this location. All recycling material needs to be properly deposited in the provided receptacles.