Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the vital infrastructure of the City of Quincy. Water, Sewer, Parks, Streets, Refuse, and Compost are the departments that we are responsible for. Every time you turn on your faucet, drive on a street, flush a toilet, or visit a park you are reaping the benefit of our hard work.

We are currently staffed by a Maintenance Supervisor, a Working Foreman, a Mechanic, eleven Utility Workers, and of course our vital office staff. Broken down by departments we have two in water & sewer, three in parks, three in streets, two in facilities, and one in compost.

Water & Sewer

Our water department maintains 5 wells with booster stations. We have a reservoir capacity of over 3.1 million gallons with a distribution system made up of over 50 miles of pipeline. Our system supplies clean safe drinking water for use by citizens and industries. We produce about 1.7 billion gallons of water annually.

Our crews maintain our wastewater collection system within the City. We have over 40 miles of sewer lines throughout the City, including both industrial and municipal waste collection systems. The City also owns two wastewater treatment plants currently operated by Woodard and Curran.


The streets department works diligently to maintain our streets. They are responsible for signage, painting center lines, crosswalks, parking stripes and curbs, as well as repairing potholes, snowplowing and ice control in the winter.


Our parks crew is responsible for all aspects of park and pool maintenance. Grounds keeping for soccer and softball fields, maintenance of support structures including restroom facilities, picnic shelters and our community stage are just some of the task required to make our parks a welcoming and safe place to play and relax. The City owns approximately 40 acres of parks at 8 locations.


The compost facility turns the City’s yard debris into valuable soil amendment. In 2017 the facility produced approximately 1,700 cubic yards of compost that would have otherwise gone to the landfill.


The facilities crew cleans and maintains the City Hall, Police Station, Library, Public Services Building and several other buildings.

Recycling Center

The recycling center is located at the corner of Division St. East & Columbia Way. The following items are acceptable to drop off:  Broken Down Cardboard, Aluminum Cans and Newspaper.

"It is our pleasure to serve this community and we strive to do our best to make Quincy a vibrant and welcoming place."