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Dance Permit Application

  1. Are There Alcoholic Beverages to Be Served or Consumed on the Premise?*
  2. If yes, a banquet permit must be issued by the Washington State Liquor Control Board. It must be presented at the time of application and a copy provided to the City.
  3. Permit can be purchased at your local liquor store. Call 787-2729
  4. Is this dance admitting minors (17 and under)?*
  5. Is there a cover charge?*
  6. Please provide name and address
  7. The undersigned will save and hold harmless the City of Quincy from all loss, liability or expense resulting from any injury to any person, or any loss of damage to any property, caused by or resulting from any act or omission of the undersigned or any member of their organization.
  8. $15 Permit Fee Paid*
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