• Band on stage with instruments
  • Close up of plants
  • Aerial image of houses and the river
  • Aerial image of the homes on the Crescent bar
  • Field by a mountain
  • Two people by jet-skis
  • Round building
  • Plants with river in the background
  • Two boats on the water
  • Boat on the water from a distance
  • Houses on the water edge
  • Sailboat on the water
  • People listening to an outdoor concert
  • Outdoor concert
  • Homes and boat docks by the water
  • Houses on the Crescent bar
  • River flowing through hills
  • Aerial of a concert
  • Vineyard
  • Winding river
  • Crescent bar and the mountains
  • Wakeboarding
  • Man rock climbing
  • Field and houses near the mountains

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