Quincy Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

The Draft Quincy Non-Motorized Transportation Plan is now available for review and comment!

Project Update:

The project team (The City of Quincy and SCJ Alliance) has finalized a draft of the Quincy Non-Motorized Transportation Plan. The plan aims to provide a convenient and connected network of non-motorized routes that link cyclists and pedestrians with key destinations throughout Quincy.

This plan builds upon the Transportation Element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, expanding upon the needs of the community regarding bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and laying out a strategy for achieving the goals of community access, physical activity, and promoting healthy lifestyles as required by the Growth Management Act.

The proposed non-motorized network was determined through analysis of available facilities, public feedback from two online surveys, conversations with city staff and key stakeholders, and local and regional policies regarding non-motorized transportation.

Please review the plan and appendices below and contact Aren Murcar or Dan Ireland with questions, comments, or concerns.

Aren Murcar


Dan Ireland


Draft Final Network Map Opens in new window

Draft Quincy Non Motorized Transportation Plan

Appendix A Implementation Projects

Appendix B Public Outreach Overview

Appendix C Level of Service Standards Guidance

Plan Review and Adoption Schedule:

  • Public Comment Period: April – June 2021
    1. Draft available online
    2. Stop by our booth at the Quincy Farmer's Market on Saturday, June 19th! We will be around to share information about the plan and address concerns and questions from the public.
  • Adoption Process: July – September 2021
    1. Department of Commerce Review (July – September)
    2. Public Hearings (August – September)
    3. Adoption (September)

Stay tuned for more information, dates, and times!